Blue Luster Glass Nugget Earrings


Introducing Woodpark Jewelry’s Bluster Luster earrings that put the bluest waters to shame. Adorn your ears with the prettiest color of blue with these blue luster nugget earrings. Our blue luster glass nugget earrings are made using blue luster glass large nuggets.

In addition, they’re silver-tone fishhook earrings that can be styled in countless ways. Heading for a girl’s night out, put them on. Keeping it casual but need some bling? Trust our blue luster nugget earrings from Canada to ensure you knock it out of the park each time!

You can also complete the look by getting a bead luster nugget choker and wearing it for your special occasions.

You’re one step away from adding these beauties to your jewelry collection; shop away.


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