Mint and Grey Turquoise Stretch Bracelet


If you thought our Mint and Navy Blue Turquoise Stretch Bracelet was flawless, wait till you see our Mint and Grey Turquoise Stretch bracelet. Our Grey Turquoise Stretch Bracelet is the perfect bracelet for women who can’t get enough of cool colors. Adorned with premium-quality grey and turquoise beads, this bracelet has the perfect color combo.

Our Grey and Turquoise Stretch bracelet is made from stretchy materials to ensure our bracelet easily wraps around different wrist sizes. Although our bracelets are crafted to offer a chic and classy look, they’re pretty lightweight and will surely last much longer than other handmade jewelry.

For all women looking for handmade turquoise bracelets, here’s the perfect one for your wardrobe.


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