The Rine Tubalor Stretch Bracelet


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Step into effortless elegance with the Rine Tubalor Stretch Bracelet, itwh its classic-meets-bohemian vibe and signature stretch bracelet design, elevates it evalates any look while offering a flexible fit, enough comfort for long-term wear, and a timeless-yet-trendy aesthetic.

The gold-toned tubular beads bring a layer of subtle sophistication to any look, while the navy pearl bead accents provide an eye-catching pop of colour. The overall effect is one of understated glamour and never-out-of-style design.

The Rine Tubalor bracelet packs a pop of personality without overwhelming your outfit. Pair it with casual jeans, dress up your office attire, or add a little sparkle to your favourite going-out look. No matter where you take it, its’s timeless beauty makes it an incredibly versatile addition to your collection.


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