Riverstone Fushia Fossil Stretch Bracelet


If you loved our Feeling Rosy Fuchsia Dangling Earring, then you’re sure as hell going to love this fuchsia beauty. You’ll be thrilled to know we’ve added another gorgeous piece for all the fuchsia lovers. Woodpark Jewelry proudly presents our Riverstone Fushia Fossil Stretch Bracelet.

While the name gives a sneak peek at how beautiful this bracelet is, it doesn’t hold a candle to how magnificent it will look on your wrist. Made with craftsmanship that’s a cut above the rest, this stretch beaded bracelet is 6 ¾ inches with Riverstone Fushia Fossil and white glass beads, both 8 mm and filigree bead caps.

You can pair this fossil beads bracelet with other fuchsia jewelry in our collection or even choose a piece in contrast with it.


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